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"Singing you praises! : )" - Lora B.
"Our 4 year old Basset Hound, Astro, has been going to day care 3 times a week at Loving Frendz Pet Care for almost three years now. We can trust that when Astro is at daycare he is having tons of fun and being cared for with lots of love. Astro can't wait to play with his friends when he gets there. When we go out of town, I don't hesitate to call LFPC because I know that while we are away he will be in good hands. We are very lucky to have found such a special family we can trust with Astro." - Eric & Miranda
"You were a godsend! Thanks for all the wonderful work - you did such a great job taking care not only of Isabelle but also the house. I'm looking forward to using you again in the future." - Kay S.
"Loving Frendz Pet Care lives up to its name. They have taken care of my aged parents' pets day in, day out, for years. They have been unfailingly kind and gentle with both my parents and their cherished pets. Their total reliability has helped make it possible for my parents to maintain their independent living arrangement without compromising on the quality of care their pets receive. I unreservedly recommend Loving Frendz Pet Care services." - Eric H.
"Thank you very much for taking such good care of our chinchillas. We arrived last night and the chinchillas look great and very happy in their wooden house. Thank you for your help in taking care of them, especially with such short notice. You really helped us out and we really appreciate it. We look forward to doing business again in the future. " - Eugene and Sharon
"I have been using Loving Frendz Pet Care for several years now. They come by my house every weekday to spend time with my two dogs. Over that period Loving Frendz Pet Care has been very professional and extremely caring for my dogs. Daily notes are left everyday. They even called me at work, when one of my dogs had gotten sick. I very much trust them with my dogs, as well as having access to my house. You can definitely tell that they love to care for animals." - Marco and Robert
"I had Loving Frendz Pet Care take care of my cat, Lily, while away for a week this summer. They were fantastic! Between the daily feedings and time spent relaxing and socializing with my cat, to the daily notes left letting me know how everything went, I was extremely pleased with their services. They had me fill out a detailed form in order for emergency care for Lily (if needed), and were extremely professional at every turn. They even brought in my papers/mail and watered my plants for me!" - Tim S.
"Maggie enjoys the special care she receives during her fun filled days at Play Care. I have "peace of mind" going to work each day knowing my baby gets the love and care she needs. Loving Frendz communicates with me daily to let me know how she is doing. Loving frendz also helps me keep consistency with Maggie's training by using the same strategies I use with her. Maggie enjoys playing with all the other Play Care pets, which gives her the social interaction she needs. I love Loving Frendz Pet Care so much I have decided to work for them!" - Nicole
"Thanks for watching Samson! I always came home from my trips and he was so happy and healthy. We will miss Loving Frendz Pet Care." - Amy Z.
Our service area includes: Central and North Austin as well as parts of Westlake, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, and Round Rock. Call 512-576-8442 today for your free Meet and Greet!
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