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Does your dog want to keep occupied while you are at work? Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere with lots of interaction, both with other dogs and with people. Dogs can participate in group play, gnaw on a favorite toy, hang out with humans, or just lounge. The point is that they're not at home alone all day. PlayCare is a dream come true for Pet Parents. By the time you arrive to pick-up your dog, not only will they have had a great deal of fun, they will be tired, hungry, and ready for bed!
Benefits Include:
Giving dogs the opportunity to socialize with others is one of the most important gifts Pet Parents can give themselves and their dog. Improving your dog's social skills as well as building their confidence requires regular play and interaction with other dogs. Pretty soon your dog will become a social butterfly!
*Positive Mental and Physical Stimulation
Leaving dogs at home for countless hours without attention causes dogs to become bored and depressed. Dogs experience the same emotions that their Pet Parents do and become destructive and stressed when isolated. Running, playing, and getting a good workout with friends is a fantastic way to keep dogs in good mental and physical condition. A healthier dog means a happier dog!
*Abundant Energy
Hi-energy dogs are given a proper outlet for their energy. At home, you can simply relax and enjoy their company.
*Constant Companionship
By nature, dogs are highly social animals that form strong social bonds, which is one of the reasons they form such long-standing relationships with Pet Parents. Each pet receives personalized attention from experienced dog care professionals all day long.
All dogs are in a safe, loving, and clean environment.
*Potty Training
All dogs are kept on a routine potty schedule.
*Health Certificate
A veterinarian-signed health certificate. No coughing, vomiting, and/or diarrhea 48 hours prior to arrival.
Proof of the following vaccines with dates given: RABIES (current) & DHLP&P (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus)
*External Parasite Preventative (fleas and tics)
All dogs must be on a flea and heartworm preventative. Upon drop off, all dogs will be inspected. If external parasites are found, a preventative, flea bath and/or dip will be given at an additional cost to you.
*Temperament Testing
Prior to making a reservation, an application must be filled out and all dogs must interview and complete a temperament evaluation.
To insure the safety of my family, pets and guests, we only accept non-aggressive animals.
*Entering and Leaving
All dogs must arrive and depart on a leash.
This is a must for dogs over 6 months! Dogs who are not spayed/neutered destabilize the play group. and are at a greater risk for injury by other dogs
*Minimum Age
All guests must be a minimum of four months of age.
  $15 for one day, $25 for two days, $30 for three days, $40 for 4 days, $50 for 5 days and $25 weekend day (if available). Payment must be received before service is rendered.
Availability:  Monday through Friday. If you want weekend PlayCare, please call in advance to check for availability. PlayCare is not available during holidays.
Check-In/CheckOut:  Drop-off before 9 am and pick-up between 4:30 and 6 pm. All pick up and drop off times must be scheduled and are subject to change depending on availability. Please let us know if you require different drop-off or pick-up times.
Facilities:  Our home features an indoor resting area with comfy, napping furniture and 2 large, outdoor, grassy play areas with tons of toys, plenty of water, entertaining play equipment, and lots of fun for your dog. Separate areas are offered for large dogs and for small and medium-sized dogs or puppies. If you prefer your little one with the bigger dogs, arrangements can be made to accommodate your request. Like any good day care too much fun can wear your family member out, so we offer a natural treat, and napping to classical music each afternoon.
Our services can be combined with overnight boarding, where pets stay in our home overnight, and basic grooming (bathing and nail clipping).
Location:  PlayCare is located in North Austin off 183 and Duval Rd. Call today to schedule your interview and temperament testing!
Temperament Testing:  This evaluation will last 4 hours, is offered Monday through Friday, and gives us the opportunity to determine temperament, screen social skills and most importantly, insures that your dog will enjoy participating.
Upon arrival, your dog will be taken outside to potty and sniff. After their business is out of the way, the application is reviewed with the Pet Parent. Knowing as much as possible about your dog will make their transition into PlayCare easy and enjoyable. When the 15 minute interview process is complete, you are free to go about your daily activities while we conduct the temperament evaluation. A more realistic and accurate assessment can be accomplished when the Pet Parent is not present.
During temperament testing, we will administer the tolerance test used by Therapy Dogs International. This test involves tugging on the dog's ears, pulling on its collar, judging its reaction to noise, and checking for food aggression. Your dog will be introduced, one-on-one, to other dogs (known for their friendly nature and well-rounded socialization skills) to see how they interact. In each meeting, your dog will be carefully monitored for body language, posturing, and social reactions. Once our initial observation is concluded, we will introduce your dog to the a small play group of four of five dogs for further assessment. The last test includes placing your dog into an empty room while the other dogs are outside. The other dogs will be brought back in one or two at a time to check your dog's reaction.
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