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Pet Sitting
Do you need a stress free alternative to a kennel? Loving Frendz Pet Care will visit your home as many as 4 times a day to take care of your pets. We give individualized attention to each pet and follow your schedule as closely as possible.
What we Do
*Offer Love & Attention
*Refresh Water & Food
*Provide Exercise & Playtime
*Administer Medicine/Vitamins
*Pet Accident Clean-Up
*Yard Waste Maintenance
*Litter Box/Cage Maintenance
*Home Security Check
*Plant Watering
*Daily Journal & Email/Text Updates
Benefits Include
*All pet care providers have your pets best interest in mind
*Daily notes via pet journals
*Pets remain in the comfort and security of their own home
*Diet, exercise, and daily routine are maintained
*Individual and personalized attention
*You do not have to impose on a friend, neighbor, or relative to care for your pets
*Saves the cost of additional kennel vaccinations
*Avoid exposure to other animals
*Eliminates transportation and scheduling drop off and pick up times
*Increases home security
This Service is Perfect for
*Pets that are left unattended due to travel, late work hours, emergencies
*Pets that require medication
*Pets that want to stay in their familiar environment
start at $20 for a 25 to 30 minute visit up to 5 pets. Add $10 for an additional 15 minutes.
Payment must be received before service is rendered.
Our service area includes: Central and North Austin and parts of Westlake, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, and Round Rock. Call 512-576-8442 today for your free Meet and Greet!
*Services offered vary by location*

LFPC is a proud member of the following Professional Pet Care Organizations:


Austin Pet Sitters Organization


Austin Pet First Aid.com

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