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Kitty Litter Clean-Up & Disposal
Are you tired of cleaning your litter box? Are you pregnant and need someone else to clean out the litter box? Loving Frendz Pet care will either scoop out the cat waste and top off your litter or we will empty out and refill your litter box.
What we Do
*Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly litter scooping or litter replacement and disposal
*One time or First time litter scooping or litter replacement and disposal
Benefits Include
*No Toxoplasmosis
Anyone who cleans a litter box is susceptible to contracting toxoplasmosis. Pregnant women should be aware of a condition known as toxoplasmosis, which is caused by a parasitic organism found in cat feces that can cause severe damage to a fetus. Because pregnant women should use extreme caution when disposing of cat feces, we have created the Kitty Litter Clean-Up & Disposal service with you in mind.
*Abolish Inappropriate Elimination Issues
Since a cat’s sense of smell is infinitely more sensitive than our own, a dirty litter box spells disaster. Cats can be very finicky about their litter box, and if anything fails to meet their standards, some cats may stop using their box. Let us help you by keeping your cat's litter box extra clean
*Put a Stop to Breathing Litter Dust
With Loving Frendz Pet Care's help, there is no need to breath in litter dust ever again.
*More Free Time
Free up your time by having Loving Frendz Pet Care scoop your pet's litter box.
This Service is Perfect for
*Pregnant women
*Pet Parents who work long hours
*Additional cleaning
start as low as $20 per week and depend on the amount of cleaning. Weekly and Monthly rates are available.
Payment must be received before service is rendered.
Service not available on holidays.
Our service area includes: Central (78703) and North Austin (78727 & 78759)
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*Services offered vary by location*

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