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Concierge Services
Do you need things done but don't have the time? Loving Frendz Pet Care will take care of your business efficiently and with a touch of class. We will keep you organized by running errands and seeing to it that business and personal obligations are met.
What we Do
*Light Housekeeping
*Car Repairs, Oil Change, Car Wash
*Picking up/Dropping off Dry Cleaning
*Dinner Reservations
*Making Travel Arrangements
*Concert/Movie Reservations, etc
*Grocery Shopping
*Arranging House Repair/Cleaning Services
*Running Miscellaneous Errands
This Service is Perfect for
*Anyone who is busy and desires free time.
*Balancing the demands of work and personal commitments.
start at $20 per half-hour, with a $20 minimum fee.
Payment must be received before service is rendered.
Service not available on holidays.
Our service area includes: Any.
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*Services offered vary by location*

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Austin Pet Sitters Organization


Austin Pet First Aid.com

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